Midleton Fitness provides professional 1-2-1 sessions specified by goal and physical abilities of  clients.You may be like most others and think that a personal trainer is just a trainer and that your results will be the same no matter which fitness professional you choose.  Beginning to change your physique or trying to achieve a total body transformation is not something you can trust anybody with. We specialize in fat loss and combine various forms of training with our personal training clients including weight training, interval training, functional training and GP referral including essential nutritional advice to help you achieve results you deserve.

According to a new studies, being active at least 20 min a day could increase your life span by 4,5 years. Researches show, that any type of exercise  adds significant life expectancy, even if you are over weight.

Our instructors and personal trainers also saying with confidence, that not only length of life is increasing, but quality of lifestyle and general well being as well.

Book session with one of our trainers to prove yourself, not every personal training is like ours!